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Behind the Blog
My name is Cindy Kruse and I've been learning from elementary students for the past 16 years. I enjoy discovering new technology and implementing it in the classroom, absolutely love literacy, and am passionate about Responsive Classroom. I am constantly striving to learn new and innovative ways to teach students in order to provide authentic, interesting, and joyful classrooms.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Would you rather?

Recently, while embarking on a rather long car ride, several colleagues and I played a game to pass the time away, "Would you rather?" This hilarious game placed us in imaginary situations forcing us to choose between the lesser of two evils. Ex:"Would you rather have eyebrows that make a complete circle around your face -OR- flat eyelashes that stick out 10 inches and cannot be trimmed?

Soon the game morphed into our own personally designed scenarios, one of which was directed towards me for my consideration: "Would you rather be forced to be 'that teacher' (known for doing the exact opposite of Responsive Classroom principles- ie: using sarcasm with children, belittling them, not taking in consideration the individual student or creating connections with them) -
OR- Have your daughter teach in a grade level that she hates for 12 years?

Obviously these colleagues knew me well - my belief system (aligned with Responsive Classroom principles)
vs. the extreme love for my child. I had a difficult time choosing and it really began to stress me out. For some reason that conundrum just wouldn't leave my brain long after the game was over and I was back at home. I kept mulling it over, realizing that what they were really asking me was "Would you give up being true to yourself to ensure the happiness of your child?" I would just rather not choose between the two. However, after thinking about this for about a week I suddenly realized, I don't have to choose. Then I had an epiphany...nobody has to choose, we all have the opportunity to teach in a way that recognizes the difference in our young learners and seek to bring out the best in them. It is our choice to strive to create joyful learning environments where children thrive.


Tracy Mercier said...

Well said!!!