Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog
My name is Cindy Kruse and I've been learning from elementary students for the past 16 years. I enjoy discovering new technology and implementing it in the classroom, absolutely love literacy, and am passionate about Responsive Classroom. I am constantly striving to learn new and innovative ways to teach students in order to provide authentic, interesting, and joyful classrooms.


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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gotta love educators!

It's Sunday and while the rest of the nation is watching fireworks, I'm relaxing and trying to recuperate from a week long of presenting for RC in Alexandria, VA. Even though I was exhausted by Friday, I LOVED IT!! The reflective nature of the educators in my group is worth noting. The community of 24 people that was evident by the end of our week together was truly touching. I can only hope that it was a glimpse of learning communities yet to be established in the coming school year. I often wistfully wonder how the world would look if we all endeavored to "Take care of each other", as often stated in our classroom rules. Kudos to these educators who dedicated a week of their vacation time to learning how to be more effective in their classrooms! I would highly recommend the experience to any educator who hasn't checked out Responsive Classroom yet.


Heather Manifold said...

Fun blog! (Just put you in my "Google Reader"...wouldn't want to miss a post! :)

I just read about Responsive Classroom....LOVE it! I hadn't heard that term when I was teaching (quit only 3 years ago!).

Keep blogging! Hope you guys are doing well!

Cindy Kruse said...

Thanks for the encouragement Heather! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding future posts.