Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog
My name is Cindy Kruse and I've been learning from elementary students for the past 16 years. I enjoy discovering new technology and implementing it in the classroom, absolutely love literacy, and am passionate about Responsive Classroom. I am constantly striving to learn new and innovative ways to teach students in order to provide authentic, interesting, and joyful classrooms.


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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Art of Observation

Like many teachers in the month of August, I'm already thinking about the first few days of school. These first few days are so important. Our primary job is to create a safe environment for our students: physically, emotionally, and socially. We are also working to build a sense of community within our classrooms. In order to make this happen, we must take the time to simply observe.

We watch...we listen...we learn...

The information we gather will guide our instruction. Not just academic instruction, but our social curriculum as well. As we watch and notice, we'll discover which students are struggling with reading and which students enjoy math. We'll learn social skills they are adept at and which need further refining.

There is a constant pull for our attention. So many forms to fill out, plans to write, assessments to give. It is difficult to remember our foremost task at hand and practice the art of observation.