Behind the Blog

Behind the Blog
My name is Cindy Kruse and I've been learning from elementary students for the past 16 years. I enjoy discovering new technology and implementing it in the classroom, absolutely love literacy, and am passionate about Responsive Classroom. I am constantly striving to learn new and innovative ways to teach students in order to provide authentic, interesting, and joyful classrooms.


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog....

Why do I blog? That is the question....

My husband definitely doesn't get it. Some of my colleagues still wonder what blogging really is. A few of my friends and colleagues actually read my blog. My daughters love it! (BTW, they both have blogs too!)

I'm a pretty busy person - teaching, taking grad courses, completing an internship for my principal certification, and taking care of my hubby and my puppies (not necessarily in that order, but OK, I have to be honest ...sometimes it is).

So, here are some reasons why I choose to blog...
  • I began blogging because I planned to teach my students to blog, so I thought I'd check it out first and use mine as a sort of "mentor text"
  • I want to share my experiences and knowledge with other educators
  • It helps me to reflect
  • It helps me to refine my ideas about education
  • It keeps me abreast of current trends in education
  • I love technology (although it doesn't always love me)
  • It gives me opportunities to collaborate with other educators
  • Perhaps to be a catalyst, creating dialogue or just planting seeds to rethink how we "do education"
So, why do you blog? OR better yet, why do you choose to read blogs?


Cait Jensen said...

I blog for several reasons, but the two most important are: to express myself in writing. I have always loved writing and now that I am no longer in school I miss it. I also write to keep myself encouraged and to encourage others to make an effort towards living a healthy lifestyle!