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Behind the Blog
My name is Cindy Kruse and I've been learning from elementary students for the past 16 years. I enjoy discovering new technology and implementing it in the classroom, absolutely love literacy, and am passionate about Responsive Classroom. I am constantly striving to learn new and innovative ways to teach students in order to provide authentic, interesting, and joyful classrooms.


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Monday, December 27, 2010

Perspective is everything

As I take time to reflect on this year, and get ready to head back into the classroom to begin a 'New Year', I am resolving to change my perspective about a few things that just can't be changed. I have come to realize - There are just some things I can't change. I can't physically change some situations, but there is something I can perspective. Perspective is everything we view our circumstances in life - is your glass half empty or half full? Some people would say 'change your attitude', but that really occurs after you change your perspective. Looking at something from a totally different angle...with totally different eyes.

I remember reading somewhere that changing your perspective is particularly useful when problem solving and aids in creativity. For example, try to imagine three very distinctly different personalities (the more details you use in describing each personality, the better - a young adventurer with no time constraints, a wise but gossipy old woman, and a savvy business man) and try to brainstorm possible solutions to the problem from each imaginary person's unique perspective. This type of brainstorming technique allows each of us to view things differently and may offer more than one viable solution to a problem.

I once met a teacher that was very gifted in classroom management, as a result she was typically given the children with the most challenging behavior problems (teachers, does this sound familiar?). However, she never referred to the students in a negative light, instead she would explain matter-of-factly,"I am lucky enough to have the students with the most potential for growth". She refused to see her glass as half empty.

I'll let you know how this goes as I endeavor to take my own advice.

What are you hoping to change as the 'New Year' begins?